To all of our family,
(if you know us you are family!)

It is with a profound sense of gratitude to be able to connect with you in this manner. To reach out and say thank you for the endless support you have all demonstrated to those that operate the Clubhouse Sports Bar and Grill in Camarillo. As we are now much more informed on the ongoing pandemic known as the Coronavirus, COVID-19, the Clubhouse doors are currently closed. Yet the myriad of personal texts, phone calls and responses on social media we have received about keeping the doors open have moved us deeply. Like so many in the service and bar industry, we have many concerns about when this will all end. In the meantime, welcome to our website. Please take a look, linger, throw out some chats and perhaps purchase a hoodie to keep you warm and snug, or a gift certificate, because nothing says I love you like a Clubhouse lemon drop. In the meantime, let us all get through this safely together.

For the last sixths months, we here at the Clubhouse have had a most amazing time. All thanks to you! The new friendships we have made, those we have rekindled and those that have yet to come, are one of the countless reasons we took on the task of opening a bar. Our parents instilled in us at a young age that service to others was paramount (integral part of) to establishing strong relationships. Since we have opened it has been an absolute pleasure serving the community of Camarillo along with everyone else who has stepped foot in our doors. A community and its pub can only be as good and as strong as the people that enter, and for all of you that have, we are better for it. Thank you for stopping by.

~ Much love, Lana, Tony, Patrick, David, Matt ~