Clubhouse Curbside Pickup

Our menu is small and our food is made
in-house with love!

The Clubhouse is open seven days a week, 10am – 10pm! We have seating outback in our fabulous beer garden! 

Our COVID-19 safety protocols are in place and we use new gloves for each order and delivery hand-off!

  • Call your order in at 805-388-1992
  • Owners David, Patrick or Matt will let you know when your order will be ready.
  • Come to The Clubhouse Camarillo at 369 Arneill Road, Camarillo, CA 93010.
  • Walk up to the front door and we’ll hand you the order.

We also offer orders via GrubHub

Much love, see you soon!

Clubhouse Family

To all of our family, (if you know us you are family!)

WE ARE OPEN!!! During this time of the Covid-19, we are currently open outside the back of the Clubhouse facility using the parking lot. We have eight patio tables and a seating capacity of up to fifty! Two 42″ fans help stave off some of the heat under two 20 x 20 foot tents offering plenty of shade. We are open seven days a week, 10am – 10pm. Please stop by and say hello, because we miss you! 

It is with a profound sense of gratitude to be able to connect with you in this manner. To reach out and say thank you for the endless support you have all demonstrated to those that operate the Clubhouse Sports Bar and Grill in Camarillo. During this time, we are happy to let you know that we are currently opened~! The myriad of personal texts, phone calls and responses on social media we have received about keeping the doors open have moved us deeply. Like so many in the service and bar industry, we have many concerns about when this will all end. In the meantime, welcome to our website. Please take a look, linger, throw out some chats and perhaps purchase a hoodie to keep you warm and snug, or a gift certificate, because nothing says I love you like a Clubhouse lemon drop. In the meantime, let us all get through this safely together.

For almost a year now, we here at the Clubhouse have had a most amazing time. All thanks to you! The new friendships we have made, those we have rekindled and those that have yet to come, are one of the countless reasons we took on the task of opening a bar. Our parents instilled in us at a young age that service to others was paramount to establishing strong relationships. Since we have opened it has been an absolute pleasure serving the community of Camarillo along with everyone else who has stepped foot in our doors. A community and its pub can only be as good and as strong as the people that enter, and for all of you that have, we are better for it. Thank you for stopping bs

~ Much love, Kelly, Julie, Tony, Patrick, David, Matt ~

Pub with us Online!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and we’ll have some fun REMOTE entertainment during our Self Quarantine.

There may be an online Trivia Night and nightly group cheers events coming soon.

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Clubhouse Social Media

We need to discuss daily happening, events, calendar, social, SMS, emails and other ways people can find out what’s happening at The Clubhouse. This version 1 website will need continual improvements as we prepare for re-opening. For now let’s focus on growing our contact lists, and eCom revenues.

Whether you call us a SPORTS BAR, a DIVE BAR or my favorite bar in Camarillo, The Clubhouse is where everyone has a friend. We love to say
“When you come here you’re family!”

Our Journey Continues

Since July 4th, 1999 Matt Kearns has been behind The Clubhouse Camarillo bar serving drinks and helping you make bad decisions, with good results (hopefully)!

On September 3rd, 2019 Patrick Kearns, David Cortéz and Matt Kearns proudly took to serving our local community and fulfilling a lifelong dream as new owners.